What Can You Expect From Long-Term Disability Benefits After 2 Years?

What happens after two years of long-term disability? If your disability claim is approaching the 2-year mark, it is normal to wonder how your policy will change. Does LTD end after 2 years? Many insurance policies have a provision indicating that after two years, you will only continue receiving the benefits if you are totally disabled and you can’t engage in any work. Your disability carrier may initiate an investigation to determine whether you should continue receiving the monthly benefits. It is stressful enough to have a disability. Having to worry about your disability benefits being cut off could only make the situation worse.

Whether Your Disability Qualifies As Total Disability

You must prove that you are totally disabled to qualify for long-term disability benefits. It must be evident that you cannot perform the duties of your occupation. At first, you only need to prove that you cannot perform the duties you used to perform before you became disabled. However, after two years, you must show that you cannot engage in any occupation for which you are suited, depending on your experience, training, and education and which will pay a gainful income It is at the end of two years that your insurer will investigate your situation to determine if you are still totally disabled.

When Your Ltd Benefits Are Likely To End

How long can you stay on long-term disability in Ontario? Before you even think about what could happen when you no longer receive disability benefits, it is important to first review when your benefits are likely to end. The exact amount of disability benefits that you receive will depend on the type of disability policy you have. There are two basic types of disability policies:

  • A policy that pays for a specific time period, or
  • Until you reach 65 years of age.

To know exactly how long your disability insurance will last, you should review your LTD policy.

When You Are No Longer Disabled

Long-term disability insurance provides you with compensation if you have a disability that prevents you from working and earning income. If you recover from the disabilities you previously faced, you may no longer qualify for disability insurance. Many long-term disability insurance companies require you to provide regular medical testing results. Insurers may also require you to undergo intense rehabilitation to fast-track your recovery. You will no longer receive disability benefits if your insurer believes that you have fully recovered. If you have fully recovered, you can return to your previous career or seek employment with an alternative company.

When You Reach 65 Years

Most LTD policies expire when you reach 65 years of age. If you made contributions to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), you may still qualify for CPP retirement benefits even after you turn 65 years of age. You may start to receive retirement benefits from CPP from as early as 60 years to as late as 70 years. Your payments will be smaller if you start receiving your retirement benefits early. On the other hand, your payments will be higher if you start receiving your retirement benefits later.

When Your Insurer Cut-off Your Benefits After Two Years

When your insurance carrier discontinues your benefits, you should contact your lawyer right away. You should not interact with the insurance adjusters on your own; let your lawyer deal with the adjusters.

It is common for insurance carriers to deny benefits to deserving claimants without conducting a proper medical investigation. Some insurers may even state that you are not participating in the right treatment plan. Some may conclude that you can work in a different job.

Your lawyer will help you to appeal the insurance carrier’s decision. Lawyers work with specialists, including vocational experts and medical professionals, to examine all the details of your case and help you appeal the decision and commence a claim to get you the LTD benefits you are entitled to. A lawyer works to prove that the limitations and demands of your disability prevent you from working.

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