Understanding the impact of TBI on a victim’s life

If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury in an Ontario car accident, the consequences might be overwhelming. TBI can be life-changing, and it can affect every aspect of your being. It not only can significantly impact your immediate financial picture with medical expenses and lost income, but it can also have a long-term impact on your career, your health, your finances and your loved ones.

Although you might be entitled to benefits that could ease the financial burden substantially, it is crucial to have thorough medical examinations immediately after the accident along with frequent follow-ups because some the most severe symptoms of brain injuries may not be immediately evident.

What is it like to live with TBI?

While many of those with whom you interact might not notice the physical and mental effects you suffer, your family members and others who are close to you will be very aware because it may also influence their lives. Any of the following changes can occur and become part of living with TBI:

Sleep patterns: The quality of sleep you get can play a role in your quality of life. Every victim is unique, and you might find that you sleep significantly more or less than before your injury, or you might have problems with falling asleep. These changes could adversely influence other symptoms you suffer.

Headaches: These are some of the most frequently reported after-effects of brain injuries, and they tend to become chronic, often with debilitating pain.

Emotional changes: The area of the brain that suffered damage can determine the emotional impact of the injury. You might feel depressed or anxious, and these feelings may come and go. Rapid mood swings can also occur, and you might become disinterested or impartial to pre-injury interests.

Communication skills: Following conversations might be demanding, even more so among groups of people, and you might struggle to express your thoughts in words.

Thinking and concentration: Your ability to concentrate may be impaired, and so could your short-term memory. Furthermore, it might be a struggle to learn and retain new information.

PTSDThe trauma of the accident and the severity of your injury might lead to post-traumatic stress disorder, which could bring about anxiety over your safety and your inability to control your life. Individuals with PTSD often avoid other people, and some even seek refuge in alcohol or drugs to suppress these fears and feelings. Fortunately, help is available to intervene.

Child development: If the victim was your child and not you, even mild brain injuries can hamper the development of his or her brain. Your child might have a continuous struggle to keep up with his or her peers.

Help is available

Even if you suffer only some of these consequences, the impact on your life as you knew it could be severe. Fortunately, under Ontario laws, you have legal rights to recover damages if another party’s negligence caused your injury. Furthermore, other avenues may be available to pursue compensation for losses and even long-term disability benefits. An experienced lawyer can carefully analyze your unique circumstances and guide you through pursuing your most viable options.

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