We are Experienced Severance Package Review Lawyers and We Want to Help You Get The VERY Best Severance Package.

For 30 years, we have been helping clients successfully negotiate better severance packages than they were first offered by their employers. We look at every detail; compensation, benefits, bonuses and more. We look out for things like non-competes, compensation claw backs, how the money is structured to be paid, tax implications and more. We look out for your future, work to get you the best severance package and ensure you keep the most money in your pocket. In everything we do, the most important person is you. Let us help you today.

Wrongful Dismissal

Being terminated means you are looking down the long road of having to find another job in a difficult economy. If your employer fails to give you notice or pay an adequate severance, you may have a wrongful dismissal claim. Learn More Here

Constructive Dismissal

Sometimes employees are pushed out by their employers through tactics that change the employment relationship. These tactics often give employees little other choices than to leave their employment, which causes financial hardship, as well as stress. Learn More Here

Severance Package Reviews

Employers will most often provide employees with a severance package when they are terminated. Employees can accept packages without legal advice, but that can turn out to be a costly mistake. Learn More Here

Harassment And Discrimination

The last place in which individuals want to face bullying, harassment, and discrimination is at work. When you are the target of such behavior, you often don’t know where to turn for help. Learn More Here

Disability (LTD) & Employment - We Do Both

Many law firms practice Disability OR Employment Law but we are experts in BOTH. Our clients often face intertwined Employment and Disability issues and they count on us to help them successfully navigate through it all and we do. Life can be complicated but we make things easier. Learn More Here

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The Importance Of Having Your Severance Package Reviewed

Factors that go into whether a severance package is reasonable or not include :

  • The length of employment
  • The age of the employee
  • Your job title and function
  • Whether you can find a similar job

Whether your severance package is reasonable or not depends on these factors — how long your employer wants to pay you, whether it is by salary continuance or lump sum, and are they continuing benefits coverages. Accepting a severance package without legal advice could lead to you ending up with less than you deserve.

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