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We can help makes sense of CPP eligibility and contributions requirements. We can explain what the CPP means when they refer to “severe” and “prolonged”. We can explain contribution requirements and help you decide if you have contributed enough to be eligible to apply. We work hard to make things easier for you. Even if you are receiving private disability benefits from an insurance company, you may also be eligible for CPP Disability Benefits. If your claim for CPP Disability Benefits is denied, you can request a reconsideration of the denial, and if your reconsideration request is also denied, you can appeal that too.

Long Term Disability

If you have suffered an illness or injury which prevents you from being able to work, you may be able to apply for disability benefits from your long-term disability insurer. Learn More Here

Disability Insurance FAQs

If you have questions or require more information please read more about Disability Insurance. Learn More Here

What Is Total Disability

Long-Term Disability Insurance policies state that to qualify for benefits, you must have a “total disability.” Every LTD policy has a different definition of the term. Learn More Here

Why Was My LTD Cut Off After Two Years

After two years, in most LTD policies, the definition of total disability and often, benefits get terminated. Learn More Here

Harassment And Discrimination

The last place in which individuals want to face bullying, harassment, and discrimination is at work. When you are the target of such behavior, you often don’t know where to turn for help.Learn More Here

Disability (LTD) & Employment - We Do Both

Many law firms practice Disability OR Employment Law but we are experts in BOTH. Our clients often face intertwined Employment and Disability issues and they count on us to help them successfully navigate through it all and we do. Life can be complicated but we make things easier. Learn More Here

Your Future Is Important

Experienced CPP Disability Lawyers
Are Ready To Help You Protect It

We understand how frustrating and confusing it is to deal with the CPP.

Often, CPP Disability Benefit claims are denied simply due to a lack of sufficient supporting medical documentation, or incomplete information. We have found that often, the decision makers come to incorrect conclusions and wrongfully deny legitimate claims.

Walter Law Group have decades of experience dealing with CPP Disability. We can help you apply for CPP Disability Benefits. We can help you challenge a denial. We can answer your questions.

We help people with their CPP Disability claims everyday. Contact us today, let us help you.

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