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What Can You Expect From Long-Term Disability Benefits After 2 Years?

What happens after two years of long-term disability? If your disability claim is approaching the 2-year mark, it is normal to wonder how your policy will change. Does LTD end after 2 years? Many insurance policies have a provision indicating that after two years, you will only continue receiving the benefits if you are totally […]

What Are Your Rights in Personal Injury Claims?

Every year, thousands of people suffer personal injuries in Ontario as a result of vehicle accidents, bike and boats accidents, dangerous premises, slip and falls and other causes. Accidents can leave you with traumatizing and life-changing injuries. Unfortunately, many victims do not fully understand Ontario personal injury laws or their right to seek personal injury […]

Can an Employer Reduce Your Salary in Ontario?

Can an employer lower your pay? Can your boss give you a pay decrease? Yes, your employer can reduce your salary in Ontario. The law allows employers to make minor changes to your terms of employment, including slightly reducing your salary. Your employer can also make changes to your hours, job duties, and other terms. […]

What You Should Know About Canadian Layoffs?

In 2023, many large tech companies have announced mass terminations and layoffs in Canada due to what they term a slowdown in the sector. For example, Salesforce announced that it would cut 10% of its employees and even close some of its offices. In a letter sent to employees, Salesforce stated that the rapid pandemic […]

How Long Can You Stay on Long-Term Disability and What Happens When It Ends

Are you worried about what would happen if your LTD policy ends? Are you wondering what to do when you recover from the medical condition you are suffering from or after you reach a certain age? Long-term disability benefits are designed to support those who have disabling medical conditions for a lengthy period. What happens […]

What is the Difference Between Termination and Severance Pay in Ontario?

If you are terminated without cause, your employer may owe you termination and severance pay, under the Employee Standards Act, 2000 (ESA).  So, does it mean that termination pay is the same as severance pay? While these two payments are often perceived as the same, they are distinct. Technically, these concepts are used together or […]

Should I accept an insurance settlement after a crash?

In the aftermath of a severe car crash, you can be struggling with unanswered questions, pain and property damage. In these situations, accident victims often rely on their insurance company to tell them what to do. However, insurance companies do not necessarily have your best interests at heart; they are businesses. And as such, it […]

Don’t underestimate emotional distress after a severe accident

A severe accident can leave a person struggling with immense pain and mobility issues. These physical damages can prove to be devastating when they compromise a person’s independence and lifestyle. But too often, people focus on treating and recovering from physical injuries and fail to recognize the extent of emotional damages and distress victims experience. […]

4 reasons insurance providers might deny disability benefits

If you are seriously sick or hurt and cannot work because of your condition, you can file a claim seeking long-term disability benefits. While they cannot completely fix the situation, these benefits can help you support yourself and your family during a difficult time. Because of this, it can be incredibly upsetting if your insurance […]

Requesting workplace accommodations after disability leave

After being on short- or long-term disability, people returning to work can face obstacles they might not have experienced before their leave. One significant challenge can be returning to a job with conditions that make it difficult or impossible to participate in the workplace fully. Under these circumstances, an employee can request accommodations that allow […]

What protections do I have while on maternity leave?

Welcoming a baby into your family through adoption or birth can be an extraordinary and overwhelming experience. Thus, federal and provincial laws entitle new mothers and fathers to take leave from their job. During this leave, which could last up to 61 or 63 weeks, parents continue to have rights. Parties who violate these rights can […]

4 factors that increase the risk of injury or fatality in a crash

No one wants to get in a car accident. Unfortunately, most drivers do something every time they get behind the wheel that puts them at an increased risk of getting into this very situation, even if they do not realize it. Statistics from Transport Canada’s National Collision Database reveal the various factors that can put one […]

Did my employer wrongfully dismiss me?

Losing a job is devastating. It means loss of income and having to try to find a new job; it can also place incredible stress on individuals and their families. Dismissed employees can also experience a tarnished reputation and loss of professional relationships. Perhaps the only thing that can make this situation more upsetting is […]

Can I return to work without losing my CPP disability benefits?

Experiencing a disabling injury or illness can turn a person’s life upside down. Relationships can change; a person may require assistance in caring for themselves; everyday tasks like driving or going to work can become impossible. Under these circumstances, finding a sense of stability and normalcy can be a welcome experience. For some, returning to […]

Burnout and long-term disability

Workers across Ontario are facing employment challenges that most would have never expected. And as stressful as the job market already is, it can be even more overwhelming to navigate if you suffer from a severe and long-term disability. In some cases, extended periods of physical and mental anxiety due to work actually cause or […]

Symptoms of a brain injury you should not ignore after a crash

After any car accident, victims can experience a wide range of injuries. And these injuries can change a person’s life in the blink of an eye. For example, brain injuries are not uncommon in a crash, and they can be particularly catastrophic. However, too many people think that a brain injury has to be severe […]

Do I Get Employment Benefits If I Get Fired?

The answer to this question is complex. The reason is because the officials who evaluate unemployment claims need to investigate the nature of the dismissal. If the findings reveal that you are at fault, then it’s possible you may not receive employment insurance benefits. So how does the government figure out if you are entitled […]

Wrongful Dismissals: Pursuing Compensation

If you have been suddenly dismissed by an employer, it can come as a shock. What can be even more shocking is realizing that you could have received more time or notice for the termination, especially when you are working in a position within middle to senior level management. It can be even more shocking […]

What to expect from long-term disability benefits

Suffering a serious injury or illness can be upsetting for numerous reasons. This includes the toll it can take on your ability to work and earn an income. However, there may be benefits available that can make the situation a little easier, like long-term disability. Below, we explain a few basic aspects of long-term disability […]

Slip-and-fall accidents: liability issues

Slip-and-falls are a common cause of personal injury accidents in Canada. If you are injured in a slip and fall, you may want to consider bringing an action to compensate you for your suffering. An injured person would start a personal injury lawsuit against the owner or tenant (occupiers) of the premises where they were […]

Were you fired while you were on medical leave?

Losing a job can be one of the worst things to happen to anyone in Ontario who is fighting to recover from an illness that caused a disability. If this happened to you, it could bring about financial hardship for you and your family. The lack of income along with mounting medical bills can cause […]

Understanding the impact of TBI on a victim’s life

If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury in an Ontario car accident, the consequences might be overwhelming. TBI can be life-changing, and it can affect every aspect of your being. It not only can significantly impact your immediate financial picture with medical expenses and lost income, but it can also have a long-term impact […]

Fired without a valid reason? It might be wrongful dismissal

Losing your job unexpectedly can be a financial and personal shock. You may be surprised if your employer fails to give you a valid reason for terminating your employment. Although an employer can fire an employee without providing a reason, some reasons are against the law. Also, in most cases, an employer in Ontario must […]

Long-term disability – The risks nurses and healthcare workers face daily

If you are a nurse or healthcare worker in Ontario, you likely face many safety and health hazards in your occupation. Unfortunately, some of these cause healthcare workers to be unable to continue performing their duties for a significant period of time. In these cases, receiving long-term disability benefits can be imperative to their financial […]

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