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4 reasons insurance providers might deny disability benefits

If you are seriously sick or hurt and cannot work because of your condition, you can file a claim seeking long-term disability benefits. While they cannot completely fix the situation, these benefits can help you support yourself and your family during a difficult time.

Because of this, it can be incredibly upsetting if your insurance provider denies your claim. They may do this for the following reasons:

  1. You missed a deadline: Depending on your policy and provider, there can be deadlines you must meet with regard to filing a long-term disability claim. If you miss a deadline, they could delay or completely deny your benefits.
  2. They deemed the claim invalid: Insurance companies will investigate a person’s claim, which could mean following you to take photos or videos. If the information they collect contradicts what you have said in your application, your benefits can be in jeopardy.
  3. They believed your condition does not prevent you from working: Insurance providers vary in their definitions of disability. And if they do not think you meet their definition, they may deny a claim. Thus, it is essential that you be honest and forthcoming with all the details of your condition.
  4. There was insufficient information: Applications that are missing medical documentation, personal information and other pertinent details may not be successful. Further, some policies require applicants to see an approved physician for an assessment. If you do not do this, the company can deny a claim.

If your insurance provider denies your application for these or any other reasons, do not lose hope. You can request a review and pursue an appeal if you disagree with an insurer’s decision.

It is crucial to understand your rights and options when it comes to pursuing long-term disability benefits. These financial remedies can be vital to your life and well-being when you are coping with a serious injury or illness.

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